Week 3 - #Jesus Weekly

This week, #JesusMen, let's stay disciplined and use this time to strengthen our relationships with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We are more than just attendees; we're active participants in church gatherings and midweek services. Let's make our commutes and routine moments impactful by listening to the book of Acts through the audio Bible. Let's choose spiritually uplifting content like "The Chosen" episode 3 over secular shows, and let's delve into Chuck Missler’s "Learn the Bible in 24 Hours," session 3.  Most importantly let's be sure to dedicate time to reading John chapters 11-15 and engage in meaningful prayer, seeking and listening for God's voice. Let's align our mind, body, and spirit with the Holy Spirit to better hear, believe, and obey.


#JesusMen, below you will find 7 ideas that we would like you to consider this week.  


Presented above is a sample schedule for illustrative purposes. Feel free to adjust it according to your preferences.  Our aim is to evolve our temporary commitment into enduring habits, thereby fostering a structured and disciplined spiritual life through regular practice and active participation.

1.  #JesusMen, this week watch Session 3 of Learn the Bible in 24hrs w/Chuck Missler (1hr)

2.  #JesusMen, this week consider listening to the book of Acts on Audio.

3.  #JesusMen, listen to some worship music throughout the day, especially Early AM & Late PM.  The song of the week is by Micheal W. Smith, titled "Above All," a fitting song as we approach Resurrection Sunday.

4.  #JesusMen, this week watch episode 3 of  "The Chosen."

5.  #JesusMen, read your Bible, consider reading the book of John, chapters 11-15 this week.

PRAYER TO CONSIDER THIS WEEK (Adapted from John 11-15)


Eternal Father,


Thank You for Your unending grace and the truths revealed through Jesus in John 11-15.


Holy Spirit, help me deeply understand 'the resurrection and the life,' knowing that in Jesus, life triumphs over death. Inspire me to live in the light of His love, steering me clear from the darkness of disbelief and despair offered by the world.


Jesus, as the true vine, help me abide in You, bearing fruit that glorifies You.  In every trial and tribulation, remind me that You have overcome the world, and provide me the hope and courage to face my challenges, and a path to overcome them.


Father, grant me the courage to love sacrificially, as Jesus did, serving others humbly. May Your Spirit guide me in truth, keeping my heart open to Jesus' commandments to forgive, love, and give.


In the mighty name of Jesus, the resurrection, the way, the truth, and the life, I pray. Amen.


*Feel free to modify this prayer your own version, aligning it with your heart, voice and understanding.

#JesusMen, if reading isn't your thing and you've hesitated to join the book club, don't worry! "Marriage on the Rock" by Jimmy Evans is available as an audiobook on Audible and other platforms. You can listen to the entire book in just 8 hours and 28 minutes. It's a convenient way to engage with our book of the month on your own time.

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