Week 1 - #Jesus Weekly


This month, our focus within the Christian Wheel of Life is on the "Spiritual" domain. For #JesusMen, this domain revolves entirely around God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Throughout this week, we are dedicating ourselves to honoring the Father by engaging with His Word. We aim to follow in the footsteps of the Son by understanding His life and interactions with others. And finally we are committed to strengthening our relationship with the Holy Spirit by allocating quiet time for prayer and worship. This week we strive to enhance our ability to listen/hear, have faith/believe, and take action/obey.


#JesusMen, below you will find 7 ideas that we would like you to consider this week.  


1.  #JesusMen, this week watch Session 1 of Learn the Bible in 24hrs w/Chuck Missler (1hr)

2.  #JesusMen, this week consider listening to the book of Proverbs on Audio.

3.  #JesusMen, listen to some worship music throughout the day, especially Early AM & Late PM.

4.  #JesusMen, watch an episode of  "The Chosen" this week.

5.  #JesusMen, read your Bible, consider reading the book of John, chapters 1-5 this week.



Heavenly Father, Eternal One,


I aim to dwell in Your presence and strive to grow closer to You.


Father, please help me to absorb and live by the teachings and love found in Your Word.


This week, as I seek to emulate Your Son, Jesus, guide me in understanding His actions and incorporating them into my daily life.


Father, I openly invite the Holy Spirit into my heart, desiring instruction and assistance so that I might truly listen, believe, and obey.


Father, provide me with moments of peace for prayer and worship, and assist me in remembering and honoring the Sabbath this week.


I ask these things in the mighty name of my Lord and Savior, Your Son, Jesus Christ.

#JesusMen, the book that we are reading this month is "Marriage on the Rock."  Head on over to colg.org/marriage for more information or to dive deeper into the topics presented in the book. 

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