#JesusMen and the Wheel of Life

The focus of the #JesusMen's Ministry at Church of the Living God is the holistic growth of men in their spiritual and everyday lives.  Central to our mission is the Wheel of Life, a  model that addresses eight key aspects of life: spiritual health, health, family, relationships, career, finance, recreation, and community. This framework is the cornerstone for personal development and spiritual maturity, preparing #JesusMen to extend their influence from their immediate circles to the broader world.


Under the guiding principle of "Go Forth" and "Re-Present Jesus," as inspired by our church's vision statment, #JesusMen are committed to living out The Great Commission in all areas of life.


Following our exploration of the Christian Wheel of Life, we will delve into the Seven Domains of Influence, learning how to live out Christ's teachings in our personal, social, professional realms, and beyond, reaching out into the larger world..


Our ministry is not just about internal growth, it's about external impact by influencing society through faith, leadership, and actions.  #JoinUs

#JesusMen Love God, Love People & Live Life Fully.

As members of #JesusMen, we're on a journey to fully embrace and reflect Christ's love and teachings in every area of our lives. This path isn't solely about personal spiritual growth; it's about a profound, Jesus-inspired transformation that starts within us and extends outwards. Each domain of our lives presents unique opportunities for growth, embodying different aspects of Christ's teachings, and holds the potential to not only transform us but also enable us to impact more people.


We, at #JesusMen, firmly believe that our collective growth has the power to bring about real change – transforming our local communities and effecting positive shifts in our national culture.


#WeNeedYou. You have the unique ability to reach people and influence areas of society that we individually cannot. Your unique touch is needed, and we believe God is calling you to rise to the occasion in your personal sphere. It's time to lead by example, make a difference, and commit to Christ's cause.


We gladly invite you to join our ranks, accepting the challenge of striving to live a life that is Christ-Like (Loving God and People). By becoming a part of #JesusMen, you're not just joining a group; you're joining a brotherhood with a mission to make a tangible difference for the Kingdom. Step up, be the change, and let's together make an impact that echoes in eternity. 


We can't wait to see you live out what God has planned for you! Let's work together and individually to make 2024 our best year yet!

Spiritual Walk: Our relationship with God is foundational. It's more than routine, it's about deepening our connection with Christ through prayer, study, and worship. We challenge you to join us in strengthening this most important relationship in your life.


Health: Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and maintaining physical and mental well-being is crucial. We invite you to come on a journey of health with us, honoring God through our lifestyle choices.


Family: Family life is a reflection of God’s love. We encourage you to delve into the dynamics of Christian family life by strengthening bonds and nurturing love aligned with biblical teachings.


Relationships: Jesus taught us the importance of relationships. Join us in exploring how to cultivate meaningful, Christ-centered connections in all areas of life.


Career: Our work can be a form of worship to God. We invite you to explore with us how to integrate faith into our professional lives by demonstrating Christ-like integrity and purpose.


Finance: Stewardship of our resources is a vital aspect of our walk. We challenge you to join us in learning how to manage finances wisely and generously in a way that honors God.


Recreation: Balance is key in the Christian life. We encourage you to discover with us how leisure and rest can be both rejuvenating and an expression of our faith.


Community: Our role in the wider community is crucial. See how together we can be agents of change, serving and impacting our communities with the love of Jesus.

The Christian Wheel of Life (2024)

In 2024, beginning on March 3rd, we're set to delve deeply into the Christian Wheel of Life, focusing on each of its eight domains on a month-by-month basis. This structured exploration will guide us through each area, enriching our understanding and application throughout the year.

MARCH 2024 - Domain 1:  Spiritual Health (Faith, Religion, God)


In this modern world we live in, the spiritual well-being of individuals is often relegated to the back of the line.  The call for Christian men to rise and fortify their spiritual life has never been more pressing.  Our #JesusMen's ministry provides a vibrant community where men are encouraged to delve deeper into their faith and cultivate a robust spiritual life.  We hope that you choose to join us in making this Wheel of Life domain the top priority in your life, as this domain alone allows access to God’s peace, wisdom, protection, and redemption.


The #JesusMen ministry's approach emphasizes the daily nourishment of the mind and soul through the dedicated reading of scripture (10+ min), particularly from the NKJV Spirit-Filled Life Bible. This “daily bread” strengthens the foundation of faith and enhances our understanding of God's word. #JesusMen are also called to start and end each day with prayer (5+ min) and worship songs (10+ min), with the goal of creating a daily sanctuary of peace and reflection from where we can grow and be transformed. #JesusMen aim for regular attendance at Sunday morning services and Wednesday mid-week gatherings to sustain our commitment to fellowship and collective worship. #JesusMen also remember and keep the Sabbath one day each week, usually the last day before the workweek begins again, as illustrated in the 10 Commandments.  


The practices listed above will transform your life.  They are essential for #JesusMen, but are truly just a starting point; as you embrace and engage with these practices, the Holy Spirit will reveal to you strategies and pathways that will lead you toward rapidly manifesting your calling, destiny and legacy.  Remember that if we seek the approval of men, we already have our reward, but if we seek the approval of the Father, we walk towards our ultimate destiny, both here and in the age to come. (PDF:  Fruit of The Spirit)


APRIL 2024 - Domain 2:  Personal Development & Improvement


Personal development and self-improvement stand as crucial twin pillars for every Christian man. #JesusMen are expected to expand their horizons of knowledge, skills, and abilities, while earnestly seeking to cultivate the fruit and gifts of the Spirit. This pursuit of growth is anchored in a trinity of principles (HBO): hearing with intentionality, believing with sincerity, and obeying with diligence. To hear is to actively listen to God's Word and the wise counsel of those He has placed in our lives. To believe is to embrace the truth of Scripture with a heart of trust, allowing it to seep into our very being. To obey is to take decisive action on the convictions of our faith by demonstrating the transformative power of the Gospel in our lives.


This personal transformation is not an end in itself, but a catalyst for a broader impact. As we mature and grow in our personal capabilities and spiritual gifts, every other domain within the wheel of life is positively affected.


Just as blood flows through the body bringing life to every cell, personal growth coupled with spiritual development is the lifeblood of progress in all areas of our life. It is here, in the pursuit of personal and spiritual discipline, that we find and develop the strength to influence our families, careers, and communities for the better.


Manifesting our divine destiny requires us to not only rely on God's providence, but to also actively prepare for the path He has set before us. It is both a privilege and a responsibility to refine ourselves to be ready for the journey and destiny that God has ordained. The Lord has pledged His part by providing grace, wisdom, and opportunities—but the responsibility rests upon our own shoulders to engage with these divine resources. So then, let us prepare ourselves by: putting on the full armor of God, sharpening our minds, and stewarding our talents, knowing that God will use them to manifest the desires of our heart, and the destiny He has ordained for us.  #JesusMen spend 15+ minutes each day developing their knowledge, skills and abilities, knowing that the sowing of these seeds will produce 100-fold.


MAY 2024 - Domain 3:  Physical & Mental Health


#JesusMen understand that robust physical and mental health are essential for fulfilling our God-given potentials. We encourage our brothers in Christ to adopt practical and informed habits that promote wellness. This includes making educated choices about hydration and nutrition—favoring water over sugary drinks, and choosing whole foods over processed alternatives. By understanding the holistic nature of our bodies: such as the importance of regular exercise for fitness, the role of flexibility in preventing injury, and the impact of proper hydration and balanced nutrition on overall vitality, we create a solid foundation for mental and physical well-being.


The #JesusMen's ministry understands the significance of mental health and its correlation with physical health. By practicing the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, we cultivate an environment that reduces stress and mitigates the effects of fear and anger-emotions known to compromise the immune system and overall health. By living out these values, we not only enhance our personal health, but set a positive example for our peers and loved ones as well.


The commitment of #JesusMen is to continuous education on health matters, recognizing the responsibility to care for our minds and bodies as stewards of God’s creation. We acknowledge that our lifestyle choices can serve as a powerful testimony to the benefits of living wisely and well. The aim is not only personal health, but to also lead by example, providing a blueprint for others to avoid preventable illnesses and to live life to its fullest. As Proverbs 4:7 states, "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." It is with this proactive, knowledgeable approach that #JesusMen commit to rejecting ignorance and self-destruction, and instead choose to advance their physical and mental health by embracing a life of informed, intentional living.


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JUNE 2024 - Domain 4:  Family Relationships (Kids, Spouse, Parents, Siblings, Best Friends)


As #JesusMen we must turn our attention toward improvement in our relationships— specifically those within our family and our circle of lifelong friends. In the Family Domain we are called not to just exist, but to actively cultivate the fruit and gifts of the Spirit; they must be the bedrock upon which we build our relationships. As we actively demonstrate Christ's love, forgiveness, and mercy, we become beacons of His light in the lives of those closest to us.


We aim to build a fortress against the encroaching darkness of the world within the stronghold of our Christian family unit. Within these walls of love and mutual support is where we prepare ourselves and help our family to stand firm in weathering life’s storms, and in overcoming life’s trials. We must engage with our families in ways that uplift and empower them. Through deliberate acts of encouragement in self-less love, we reinforce these bonds and foster an environment where each member can actualize their God-given potential.


Each of us can reach higher levels within the relationships domain, regardless of where we find ourselves, or how dysfunctional our start might be.  Through our faith, our brotherhood, and our Holy Spirit-driven efforts, God will help give us that which we need to make our families the strongest they can be.


JULY 2024 - Domain 5:  Business or Career Development (Marketable KSA's)


#JesusMen are urged to continually enhance their marketable Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs) to remain competitive and effective in the workforce. This development can be achieved through pursuing professional skills or certificates that not only bolster one’s credentials, but also expand understanding and abilities within their field. Remember too, that professional & social networking can’t be overlooked; it is often a lifeline for career advancement, since it provides opportunities for referrals, references, and meaningful connections.


The biblical principle of sowing and reaping is deeply ingrained in the context of business and career development. The efforts we invest in our professional growth today are the seeds that will bear the fruit of opportunity tomorrow. As we dedicate ourselves to mastering new competencies and expanding our networks, we are effectively sowing into our future, trusting that our diligence will open doors and elevate our career trajectories. While we anticipate God's favor in our professional lives, we also acknowledge that divine assistance does not absolve us of our responsibility to act. God blesses the work of our hands, but He requires that we first put our hands to work.


The call to action for members of the #JesusMen's ministry is to engage in their own professional development by setting goals for acquiring new skills, seeking out certifications, investing time in networking, and nurturing a sense of self-assurance rooted in competence. These are ways that we can prepare the ground for God's blessings to take root and flourish, and as we do our part in earnest, we can trust in God's promise that He will direct our paths and prosper the work of our hands.


AUGUST 2024 - Domain 6:  Financial Literacy, Sustainability & Stewardship


The #JesusMen's ministry places a strong emphasis on financial literacy, sustainability, and stewardship. Christian men are called to be prudent managers of their finances, beginning with the foundation of earnings. We seek employment that not only provides for our needs, but does so in a manner that aligns with our values, and allows us to serve God fully. Once earning is established, we focus on budgeting and saving, where we make intentional choices with our finances by living within our means and set aside savings for unforeseen circumstances or opportunities.


Tithing is a top priority line-item in the #JesusMen budget, it is a spiritual discipline that reflects our trust in God as our provider; it is an act of worship that acknowledges His sovereignty over all resources. If we do not believe we have enough to give, we sow our faith in scarcity, and scarcity is what we will continue to reap. We choose to give our first-fruits back to God, not because he “needs” our money, but because it is a sacrifice that puts our hearts in the right place, and we want to sow in to our community through our local churches.  Investing is the fourth pillar of financial stewardship; this is where we can grow our resources wisely to ensure long-term sustainability for our families and have finances to support causes that advance God's kingdom.  #JesusMen strive to own and aquire assets like businesses, real estate, stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and precious metals; not for the love of money, nor for materialistic pursuits; #JesusMen save, earn and invest that they might better enable, equip, fund, and send forth their brothers and sisters in Christ into their mission fields and spheres of influences. 


As Christian men, we commit to improving in these financial areas year after year. This is not solely for personal gain, but so we can have more to offer in service to God. With increased freedom, opportunities, and resources, we can better support the work of the church, assist those in need, and respond to God's calling on our lives. The #JesusMen's ministry, therefore, calls on every member to improve their financial intelligence, and to apply these principles in daily life.  We measure progress not solely in monetary terms, but in the increased capacity to contribute to the work of God’s kingdom. We choose to be men who are known not just for our financial savviness, but for our generosity and our commitment to using God-given resources for God-honoring purposes.


SEPTEMBER 2024 - Domain 7:  Friends, Professional Networks & Social Groups


The #JesusMen's ministry is not just about individual growth; it extends out to how we as Christian men can enhance our professional networks and social groups. This second-tier network of friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, fellow church members, former classmates, and professional contacts, represents a significant ministry field. It is in these circles that we have the opportunity to be the salt and light, to be recognized as men of God. Our conduct in these relationships should reflect the teachings and love of Christ,-we are to be known for our integrity, compassion, and the value we bring into the lives of others.


We engage in this domain by proactive relationship-building: reaching out, participating in discussions, providing encouragement, and offering support in times of need. Whether by something simple like commenting on social media posts with words that uplift, or something more tangible like assistance when others face trials, our actions should consistently communicate the love of God. . As #JesusMen, we should strive to be individuals that others find valuable and interesting, and our interactions with them should be a source of joy and enrichment. Success in this area fosters genuine trust and respect from those in our networks.


Improving in this domain is a gradual process. It requires consistent, small acts of kindness and involvement. It is about showing genuine interest in others’ lives, celebrating their successes, and being present in their moments of struggle. It's also about sharing our own journey and testimony in appropriate ways that intrigue and inspire. Over time, these actions build a reputation of #JesusMen being trustworthy and respected members of their community.


OCTOBER 2024 - Domain 8:  Recreation & Relaxation


We as #JesusMen understand that recreation and relaxation are not mere diversions, but integral elements of a well-rounded life. These times of leisure are also opportunities for fellowship and outreach within the community of believers. Whether it’s through shared activities like golfing, shooting, fishing, grilling, or simply relaxing together, these moments provide a low-stress environment that is conducive to building relationships. They offer a setting where men can connect on a deeper level, share life experiences, and encourage one another in their walk with Christ. For us, recreational time is not just about personal enjoyment, but also about creating spaces where bonds can be formed and strengthened, where laughter is shared, and where the joy of friendship is experienced.


Relaxation, particularly on the Sabbath, is different, but equally significant. This is a time for us to slow down and attune our senses to the divine whisper of the Holy Spirit. In the quiet moments of rest, away from the clamor of daily demands, there is space to listen for God’s wisdom, gain spiritual insights, and to recognize the opportunities God presents in our lives. It is in the stillness that the awe of God’s creation can be fully appreciated, and the subtle yet profound expressions of Jesus’ love can be discerned in those around us. These are the times when #JesusMen may feel prompted to reach out to someone in need, or to share a word of encouragement-by stepping out of the usual hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we find we can be more easily led by God.


To elevate recreation and relaxation, we are encouraged to be intentional about how we spend our leisure time. This might involve planning regular outings with fellow believers, participating in church-sponsored recreational events, or simply ensuring that the Sabbath is kept holy and restful. The aim is to strike a balance between engaging with others and seeking personal solace with God. By doing so, #JesusMen can enrich their own lives and those of their brothers in Christ, fostering a community that not only plays well, but rests well, together.