#JesusMen & The Great Commission

#JesusMen & the Seven Domains of Influence:  

Inspired by the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), our mission is to equip and send forth men into the world as ambassadors of Christ in each sphere of the Seven Domains of Influence - Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and Business. We are committed to preparing men to be the light, the salt, and the hope within these domains. Each man is called to 'go forth' into his respective domain, not only to excel in his field, but to actively embody and spread the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to foster leaders guided by biblical principles who will influence and transform these domains to help bring about God's kingdom on earth.


"Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done,

on Earth, as it is in Heaven."





Jesus instructs us with the directive, "Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations." Our mission is clear: to venture into the world with intent and commitment, actively engaging with our surroundings wherever we find ourselves. We are called to disseminate His teachings, reaching out to individuals, communities, and spheres of influence. This is our call to action, urging us to not only spread the His message but also to bring tangible transformation and liberation in the lives of those we encounter.


Our mission, as we baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, is to inspire faith and enable spiritual rebirth in our communities. We are called to nourish belief and insight, leading new believers on their journey. This responsibility encourages us to wholeheartedly trust in God's design and direction. We rest in the promise that "Jesus is with us always, to the very end of the age," empowering us to act fearlessly and with conviction while engaging in our God's Kingdom endeavors.


Jesus tells us, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been entrusted to me," and shares this authority with us. This empowers us to teach and live out His commandments. Through His death and resurrection, He demonstrated dominion over all (including Satan), granting us the freedom and the ability to walk his path, in His light. As we operate under His authority, we can manifest the Spirit's fruits and gifts, and in Jesus' name, we have the power and authority to perform similar/greater deeds and wonders as He did.


We Empower & We Disempower

We do not support or empower people or entities that grant power, wealth, or influence to the enemy (forces referenced in Ephesians 6:12), nor do we support individuals or corporations with dark-triad traits (Narcissists, Machiavellians, and Psychopaths), or those actively working to build the kingdom of the anti-Christ. We choose not to comply.  Instead, we focus on protecting our loved ones in the areas that we can most influence: Family, Faith, Education, Media, and Entertainment. We also commit our time, talents, and resources to further God's Kingdom, we maintain our faith, and we take appropriate action to mitigate the effects, damage, and chaos perpetrated by the lost and wicked.


We must realize the power we have, both individually and collectively.  In these modern times we are living in, each of us holds a certain degree of wealth, power, and influence that is distributed across these 7 domains.  All too often we do not realize the impact of our contributions. We must become better stewards of our resources, by consciously aligning our actions with the values of God's kingdom. This means being selective about where we invest our time, money, and efforts, ensuring that we are sowing into fields that uphold righteousness, and steadfastly refuse to support entities that propagate values contrary to our faith.


Moreover, we need to take massive action in the areas where we can exert the most influence: our families, careers, investments, or personal callings. This is not a passive endeavor, it requires active engagement and a commitment to doing God's work in whatever sphere we find ourselves. Whatever domain we are currently in, our actions should reflect our dedication to advancing the principles of the kingdom. This is simply being guided by the love of God through the Holy Spirit to use our unique talents, positions, and resources to make a tangible difference.  By doing so, we not only contribute to the betterment of society, but also align our lives with the greater purpose of serving and glorifying God.

Domain 1:  Family & Household (June 2024)


Men of faith, the time has come for us to rise and reclaim our God-given authority and influence within the family domain. As stewards of this crucial societal pillar, we are called to lead our families with wisdom, love, and a deep sense of responsibility, since the strength of a society hinges on the health of its families.  The family is the foundational unit of society: it is where values are instilled, character is formed, and the future is shaped. Active engagement with our families sets a course that can positively influence generations upon generations, and our roles as fathers, husbands, and brothers are not just a privilege, they are a divine mandate. This is more than just providing materially; it demands our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual involvement. We must be present, not just as providers, but as mentors, guides, and compassionate listeners. Our involvement in the family lays the groundwork for a society that values respect, integrity, and love.


Why is this important? The challenges of the modern world require families to be resilient, adaptable, and grounded in solid values. When we, as men, take our rightful place in the family, we create an environment where our children can grow into confident and capable adults. We model for our sons what it means to be a godly man, and show our daughters what they should expect from the men in their lives. Our active presence helps to build a family structure that is robust, nurturing, and capable of withstanding the pressures of the external world. We are not just building households; we are shaping the future.  By embracing this role with the seriousness and commitment it deserves, we will not only bless our own families, but society as a whole.


Domain 2:  Religion, Faith & Spirituality (March 2024)


#JesusMen, it's time to shape the spiritual heart of our community. To be the light and salt of the earth as Jesus has asked of us, we cannot be just church-goers; we must start to step in to our roles as active leaders.  It is the loving of people in our daily interactions through acts of service, monetary donation, exhortation, and especially the giving of our time, that will show others that we are #JesusMen.  Finding ways to get involved and serve in our church and faith groups is leading by example.  As we extend that same heart out in all of our encounters, we breathe new life into the teachings that guide us, and can be examples of hope and love to everyone we meet. This is our chance to start a spiritual renewal that goes beyond Sunday services and into the heart of our everyday lives.


This role is more important now than ever. In a world where people often feel lost or unsure about what’s right and wrong, the love we show can be a guiding light. By developing our character in to a strong, loving, welcoming presence, we can bring a message of hope that can change lives. The time is now to use our talents and energy to make our Christian communities vibrant and impactful. As we climb this mountain together, we can transform the world, one person at a time, starting with ourselves.


Domain 3:  General Education & Universities


Fathers, now is the time to take a stand on the Education Mountain, which is the crucial battleground for the hearts and minds of our children. Sadly, we live in a world where mainstream education strays further and further from our Christian values each year.  To combat this, teaching our kids at home is not just an option, but now a vital responsibility. Our goal must be to create a safe, nurturing environment where our children can learn, grow, and thrive, free from ideologies that contradict our beliefs in God, morality, and family values. Only by taking the reins of our children’s education, can we protect them from the atheistic, materialistic, hedonistic, and nihilistic teachings that are becoming increasingly prevalent.


It’s essential that we invest time in teaching and reading to our children, imparting wisdom and knowledge that align with our values. This is about more than academics; it's about shaping their character and preparing them for the future. Each moment we spend educating our children at home is a step towards building a stronger, value-centered generation. We must equip them not just with knowledge, or even wisdom, but also with the moral compass to navigate life's challenges. Rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach of BigEDU, we can offer personalized, values-driven education that truly meets the needs of our children. As we commit to teaching and instructing them, we are not only guiding our children, but also shaping the future of our society.


Consider these resources:  goodandbeautiful.com |  wgu.edu  |  hillsdale.edu |  tuttletwins.com | prageru.com


Domain 4:  Government & Politics


Men of this community, engaging with the Government Mountain is a call to action at the most fundamental level. Local politics is the frontline in shaping a government that aligns with our values of faith, family, and freedom,-it is the place where our voices and actions can have the most impact. Our town halls, school boards, and city councils are where we can truly make a difference. By getting involved locally, we can support and advocate for policies and leaders who uphold biblical values, defend parents' rights, and champion individual, state, and national sovereignty.


Local government is where decisions are made which directly affect our daily lives.  We must seek out and support leaders who understand the importance of protecting our rights and freedoms.  By supporting candidates and initiatives that align with our beliefs, we're not just voting or advocating for a policy — we're actively participating in the stewardship of our community and country.  We need to start going beyond only casting our votes, but start attending meetings, engaging in public discourse, and even consider running for local offices ourselves.


The fight for a government that reflects our values starts in our own backyard. Every small victory in our local communities contributes to a larger change in the nation. Our engagement sends a powerful message about the kind of society we want to build — one grounded in biblical principles, nurturing of our families, and defending of our freedoms.


Domain 5:  Media & Message Marketing


Men, never before in history have we been so bombarded with a media landscape rife with propaganda, atheistic nihilism, and sensationalist “if it bleeds, it leads” stories.  It is vital that we guard our minds against such mis/dis/mal-information that masquerades as “news”. This requires a conscious effort to stay informed on actual matters of real importance by steering clear of clickbait, fear mongering, and the biased rhetoric that is mainstream media. Our focus should be on discerning the truth, seeking out information that is relevant and valuable, and not being swayed by sensationalist journalism that plays into the hands of pharmaceutical, political, or other vested interests.


To do this, we have to turn our backs on mainstream channels that engage in unethical “journalism”, and instead support smaller, trustworthy news sources that operate in good faith. This means deliberately choosing where we direct our attention, clicks, and financial support. By turning off these programs and channels, we take a stand against the corruption of our media spaces. It is time to give our screen time and resources to ethical, values-based news outlets that prioritize truth, balance, and integrity over sensationalism and profit.


This shift in our media consumption is not just a personal choice; it’s a collective movement towards creating a healthier, more truthful media environment. It’s about rewarding journalistic integrity and punishing corporate media malpractice.In doing this, we not only protect the minds of our families, but also contribute to a larger change in the media landscape. We truly do have the power to support those who report with honesty, integrity, and in good faith, it is up to us to exercise it.


Domain 6:  Arts & Entertainment


Gentlemen, just as in the Media Mountain, it is crucial for us to be vigilant and discerning in what we and our youth consume in the Mountain of Arts and Entertainment.  Hollywood and mainstream entertainment often bombard us with content that is at odds with our values — nudity, violence, profanity, occultic themes, and political propaganda. These elements not only desensitize us, but can also subtly shape our beliefs and attitudes in ways that are contrary to our principles. It is essential to guard our eyes and minds, and those of our children, from such influences.


The key to reclaiming the Arts and Entertainment Mountain lies in where we choose to direct our time and resources. We simply need to actively support and engage with entertainment options that align with our values. A platform like AngelStudios.com, which offers content that uplifts rather than degrades, is an excellent example of this. By choosing to spend our money and time on such a platform, we not only enjoy quality entertainment, but it also encourages the production of more wholesome content. This approach isn't limited to movies and TV shows, it extends to music, art, sports, and theater as well. By supporting artists, musicians, and creators who produce work that uplifts, inspires, and aligns with our values, we cultivate a culture of positive and wholesome entertainment.


The journey to reclaim this mountain involves making conscious and deliberate, sometimes even difficult, choices about the entertainment we consume and endorse. We must recognize the power that arts and entertainment has in shaping the minds and hearts of all of us.  It is up to us to ensure that this power is used to reinforce messages of hope, positivity, and virtue.  It is up to us to encourage the creation and patronage of art that celebrates goodness, truth, and beauty. Each ticket bought, each song downloaded, and each piece of art appreciated that aligns with our values is a step towards reclaiming this mountain for a brighter, more wholesome future for our families.


Domain 7:  Business & Finance (July-August 2024)


Businessmen, the Mountain of Business and Finance shapes the economic landscape of our communities and nations, so it holds immense power in determining societal norms and values. We must be vigilant in supporting businesses and financial practices that align with our values of faith, family, and ethical stewardship.


The key to making a positive impact in the Business and Finance world is through our consumer choices and investment decisions. Every dollar we spend or invest is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in. By choosing to support businesses that uphold our values, we help to promote a marketplace that is not only profitable, but also morally responsible. This means being mindful of where we shop, the companies we invest in, and the financial services we use. We should seek out and support businesses that prioritize our Christian values and contribute to the betterment of society.


Those of us that are entrepreneurs and business professionals have the opportunity to lead by example. This involves creating and nurturing business environments that are focused not only on profit, but also on the welfare of employees, customers, and the broader community.  By building businesses this way, we reflect our values where honesty, integrity, and fair practices are the cornerstones.


In the reclaiming the Business and Finance mountain, our goal is not merely to succeed in business, but to redefine what success looks like in this sector-success not only measured in financial gains, but more so by the positive impact we have on society.