Together we are a community of believers. What does that mean, the word community? We believe that together in fellowship we grow closer to God and one another. The bible speaks about iron sharpening iron. We believe that together we grow stronger. We are a community of believers. 


We strive to be a church without walls. Jesus calls for us to go outside the walls to reach the lost and the broken. It is there that the lost will be found. Most churches find it is comfortable to stay within the walls, but we make it an effort to be like the church from the book of Acts, to see our city changed.


We highly value our relationships with one another. We look to grow through fellowship, and ultimately growing closer to God. We value the word of God, and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. We look to extend grace to all of the lost and broken, and lead those with no hope to the hope of Jesus Christ.



Be like Jesus: re-present Jesus everywhere we go. We believe that the righteousness of God makes us holy, blameless and restored in God's sight (Colossians 1:22).


As children of God, our goal is the transformation of people. As we witness personal transformations, we can then impact our society, schools, and workplaces.


Identity, Healing, Holy Ghost. We believe we are children of God, we believe healing still happens today, and we believe in the power and personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.



  1. Founded in 1976 by Pastors Robert & Doris Dowdy, in a shotgun home in Galveston
  2. Gathered around town in rented buildings, and then wanting revival to begin, we decided to have a tent revival on the west end. What began as a revial ended up being 2 years in the tent
  3. After two years in the tent, land was purchased on 7 Mile Road to build a church
  4. By 1997 we outgrew our first building, and doubled the sanctuary space
  5. In the fall of 2018 the Downtown Campus was launch on 18th and Market
  6. Due to growth on 7 Mile Road, we completed a building remodel project in summer of 2023  


Trey & Marlo Dowdy

Lead Pastors

Pastor Trey and his wife have pastored the church for over 13 years. He has a true heart for teaching righteousness. Pastor Trey wants to see true change in this area and will not stop until that dream is fulfilled.

Abel Rivas

Abel Rivas

Associate Pastor

Abel Rivas is our associate pastor. Anything that gets done around here, you can be sure that Abel was the mastermind behind it. We are so thankful for his heart to serve the Lord.

Denzel Tucker

Denzel Tucker

Creative Lead

Denzel is our creative arts lead. His heart for reaching the community through media is truly amazing, and he wants to see the gospel of Jesus Christ preached online in every nation.